builds immutable work, education and pay records on the blockchain. 

For employees, it allows you to build a blockchain-based professional ID through the platform’s application workID, which can then be used to access earnings from your employer instantly on-demand. You can even get an advance on your pay through workPAY based on your past and forecast work.

For employers, brings payroll onto the blockchain, automating the process for simplified, time-saving processing and cryptocurrency payments that remove the reliance on and fees of banks and payroll processors. The whole process can be simply integrated with existing payroll and HR systems through the’s integrations.

In the future, recruiters will also be able to access records to search and vet candidates instantaneously. 

We can help you:

  • Build a trustworthy, immutable professional profile with workID
  • Simplify and automate payroll for employers with cryptocurrency payments
  • Give employees instant access to their pay
  • Access pay advances based on past and forecast work
  • Build your professional network

For more information, see our white paper.’s Main Features

1. Create your blockchain-based immutable CV with workID

Create your profile by adding your contact info, work history, skills, education and profile picture. To make it easier, we allow you to import your profile directly from LinkedIn.

2. Import your network

Upload your LinkedIn network or Google contacts by following a few easy steps. Also, you can share invites to friends using your own personal referral code.

3. Connect Through Integrations

Connecting your account with third-party services will allow you to automatically build up validated Work Records on your profile, unlocking new opportunities to find work (coming soon).

4. Get Paid Instantly

Get paid as soon as you complete a day’s work, instead of waiting for the next pay cycle to happen through workPAY (coming soon).

5. Get An Advance on Your Pay

With your work and payment records connected on the network, workPAY offers an advance on your earnings based on past and forecast work.

To find out more about what looks like now and will evolve to in the future, read our white paper: White Paper

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