To turn on 2-factor authentication on your profile, just navigate to the “Settings” page within the dashboard. 

Right at the top, you’ll see “Two Factor Authentication”, where you’ll be able to toggle 2-FA on or off for all of the following:

  • Email 
  • Google Authenticator
  • SMS
  • Telegram


Once toggled on, you’ll receive an email to your registered email address each time you log in with an authorization code.

Google Authenticator

Simply add to your Google Authenticator app by scanning the QR code. Afterwards, you can check your authorization code in the Google Authenticator app each time you log in.


To set up 2-factor authentication through SMS, input your phone number in the given field, press the button “Get the validation code” and input the code you receive.


Setting up 2-factor authentication through Telegram is as easy as adding the WorkChain Web Bot and then inputting your Telegram username. If you don’t have a username, you can create one in your Telegram settings.

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