will partner with strategic partners and integrate with a variety of apps that are already working to create proof of someone's work, so it can be trigger for payroll. 

Technology Partners recognizes that there is a broad ecosystem of web 2.0 and 3.0 platforms that already provide solutions to some of the needs of this project. We will partner and integrate with these leading established solutions so that we can remain focused on our core mission of unlocking new and better ways for employees to find work and access capital.

Primary Sectors for technology partners:


In addition to our own internal platform validations for identity such as email, SMS, and social media profiles, we will work with external providers to further ensure individuals’ identities and assign unique use addresses on

Skill Assessment / Validation

Decentralized professional social networking platform Indorse is just one integration solution that will be used to create trusted skill verification through validated shared work histories of individuals.

Education Verification intends to integrate with education and degree verification services to connect education histories to form verified education records fundamental to trusted professional identities.

HR and Workforce Systems

Workplaces everywhere already use leading HR, workforce and payroll systems to manage employee schedules and payroll. will integrate with the systems to create the verified work records needs to automate payroll in realtime and give employers access to their earning on-demand.

The Open API

Built with an open REST API, the platform offers the unique ability for registered entities-- integration partners in the first instance--to programmatically input various types of work, education and payment records based on their existing data. When this data comes from highly verified, trusted sources (e.g. workforce management or payroll systems) these records will be instantly verified once shared on However, if data comes from unverified sources and untrusted entities it will require on-platform verification via the Trust Score Protocol.

The open API of has the power to store and decentralize millions of data points within the work economy by opening it up to a world of different integration partners, including:

  • Workforce Management Systems
  • Identity Providers
  • HR Applications
  • Time Tracking Systems
  • Payroll Systems
  • WFM/HCM Applications
  • Project Management Software
  • Skill Validation Platforms
  • Online Skill Training Providers
  • Education Partners
  • Proof of Work Applications

WorkPuls and Humanity will be the first integration partners of, creating an immediate, verified user base for the platform. is also in active discussions with leading, trusted data providers about additional partnerships and integrations--announcements coming soon!

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