is not like many other BlockChain projects. We have a real working product and our token is already generated and in-use. You can sign-up for our application here:

And learn more about our Company and Road Map:


In the word's of Blox:

“The weeks at fly by so fast sometimes it feels like we’ve stepped into the DeLorean and set the date 7 days into the future.

Our team always has the dial turned to full grind mode (strictly no bumping 🚫) working on major upcoming releases, ironing out kinks and squashing pesky bugs.

Our workweek ends when we say it ends, which is usually never. But to stick true to the seven-days-a-week calendar the rest of the world lives by, we publish release notes at the end of every sprint on our blog.”

To stay-up-to-date with our current state of development, follow along with our weekly "Workweek Wrap-up" development updates.


You can find the latest product updates here:

Product Updates

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