Dear Bounty Hunter,

Thanks for your interest in our exciting Bounty Program!

Our Bounty program starts in less then a week. Within these articles you can find out all you need to know about how to participate.

Please sign-up for a workID in the meantime so we can notify you when the program officially starts.


We've invested a lot of time into building a Bounty Program that isn't like other Bounties you've seen before! Why you ask!?

  1. Our bounty doesn't rely on spreadsheets or manual trackings. It's automated, fair and transparent for all users!
  2. Our product isn't simply a white paper or concept, it's a fully functioning product already!
  3. Our Token (WATT) can immediately be put to use on

We know that spending time reading legal documents is no fun, so we've tried to keep the guidelines as minimal as possible! So please, grab your favorite beverage, and make sure to read over the rules and guidelines before getting involved.

As much as we like to have fun (!), we also have a low tolerance for violations.

Within this document you can find all of the important links you'll need to learn more about how our Bounty works, as well as more about our project, - Real Time Payroll on the Blockchain.

We'd also love to hear your feedback.

Bon Chance!


Important Links

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