Set up your first Immutable CV (workID), and spread the word about our real-time payroll on the blockchain project and earn WATT Tokens. You gain points by completing different activities during each bounty period and at the end of each bounty period we will allocate winners based on the scoring table.

All users that participate in our Bounty will also be available for our AirDrop, as well as those that perform in the top 20% during the entire Bounty Period will be eligible for a Bonus AirDrop.

Points are tracked automatically during the bounty using our leaderboard.


Bounty Participation Rules

  1. Multiple Accounts are not allowed. We will Catch You. You have been warned!
  2. We have Zero Tolerance for:
    i) Spam.
    ii) Hype/Speculation.**
                **We build product. Not Moon Lambos.
                 **Use our Pre-approved content to stay safe!
  3. All Points are automatically tracked using our leaderboard. No Excel/Forms.
  4. Points can sometimes take a few hours to show up.
  5. We reserve the right at anytime during the Bounty, without prior warning to:
    i) Ban any user from our bounty for violation of these Terms
    ii) Change how our point tracking works***
  6. By Signing up for our Bounty, you are accepting:
    i) The
    Bounty Legal Disclaimer
    i) Our Application
    Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


General Info

 - Our Telegram Channel is the primary place to be for updates and announcements.
 - You can provide suggestions, or report issues using this form.


*** We will only do this if something or someone goes wrong and we feel that by changing the way points are calculated/allocated will lead to a more fair outcome for all participants.. #scoutshonor.

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