Bounty Guidelines for Content - Social and Content Bounties

In this document, we’ll outline guidelines for:

  1. Content Creation as part of the Content Bounty 
  2. Comments as part of the Social Bounty. 

We encourage and reward the creation of content in the following categories:

  1. Video
  2. Blog
  3. Graphics
    a) Social media & memes
    b) Infographics

However, content in all three categories can only be accepted if it adheres to the following guidelines.

General Guidelines

Token Communication

All submitted content must be in English. Our team right now can only review English submissions.

Token Communication

In any communications about the token, content should always talk about how our token is related to our Product or Protocol. When we are talking about use of our token it needs to be clear that WATT is NOT a currency or a Security (expected to go up/down in price). 

Mention of ICO

We should not refer to our token sale as an ICO or public sale. is not conducting an ICO or any form of public sale. Our token, WATT, is a utility token already in use on our platform. You can learn more about it at:

Talk about Exchanges

Content shouldn’t talk about exchanges.


Content should stay clear of any kind of hype. We define “hype” as:

  • Talk of tokens and specifically how they’ll make people rich. Examples:
     - WATT is going to allow me to buy lambo 🚀
     - to the moon 🌔
     - I am going to HODL my WATT tokens until...
  • Discussion about the app or the platform that promise or hint at how widespread its adoption is going to be.

Comment Guidelines

  1. Quality comments only (based on our discretion). Unfortunately, anything spammy will be deleted and points will not be awarded.
  2. Please stay away from cliche, generic comments like: cool, nice, awesome, wow, etc.
  3. Comments should be at least 5 words
  4. All comments which include questions should be legitimate questions related to the project or our products/product development
  5. No comments involving exchanges, token discussion, or ICO. Our tokens are utility tokens for membership on our platform, and we didn’t conduct an ICO.
  6. No references to price such as ‘to the moon,’ ‘lambo,’ “mooning,’ etc.
  7. Only comments which don’t break the rules will be counted for points in the bounty. All others will be deleted.

Thanks for reading. Now let’s get started! 🚀👉


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