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Video Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Video content will be awarded based on quality (see the top of this document for points allocation), however video content may be created in any format: selfie video, animation, camera, etc.
  2. Create or record a video of at least one minute in length.
  3. Content MUST BE ORIGINAL.
  4. Be sure to mention in your video and in the video description (please include the .io 😉) 

Content Suggestions

  1. Your Story:
    Tell us your story! Record or create a video discussing one of the following topics:
    a) Tell us about last time you took a payday loan and how that affected your life.
    b) How would having instant payments change your life?
    c) What’s your biggest complaint with payroll now? Tell us about how that affects your life.
    d) Or, combine all three!
  2. Give Us a Review:
    Tell the world about! Record or create a video about our company, and tell them what we do and how we plan to help the working world. Please feel free to give your honest review. 

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