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Social Media Graphics Guidelines

Note: Infographics guidelines are separated below

Size Guidelines

We love content in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter dimensions (all 3 is even better)!

  • Instagram: 1080px x 1080px
  • Facebook: 940px x 748px
  • Twitter: 1024px x 512px

Content Suggestions

  1. Memes:
    Create a crypto meme. Create your own meme graphic on a topic related to our project, the funnier the better. Props (and bonus points) to you if you get it to go viral! Approved topics:
     - Payroll
     - Hiring
     - Resumes/resume fraud
     - Blockchain/cryptocurrencies

    Remember. Stay clear of hype, mooning, selling, pumping, exchange talk, etc!

    Again, please be reminded to read over the guidelines at the top of this post. We’ll award the best at the end of the bounty. The more shares, the better!
    Quote someone! Find quotes from influencers (on various websites, from videos/publications or from Twitter) related to blockchain, payroll, the future of work or other topics related to the products of and create a graphic including (in addition to adherence to branding guidelines below):

     - The quote
     - The influencer’s name
     - The logo
  3. Branded/Promotional:
    Find our best potential taglines and present them in graphic format! Take a tagline, quote or stat that you think is interesting or catchy from our White Paper, research papers 1, 2 or 3, homepage, workPAY/workID pages or from our Medium articles and add it to a graphic with our branding. Just include:
     - The line
     - The logo
     - Other graphics (optional)

    *Note: Please read over our branding guidelines!


    such as:

     - Unifying the Global Workforce
     - workPAY is your money on your terms when you need it most.
     - When you clock out or finish a task you’ll get paid in minutes, not days.
     - workPAY breaks the outdated payroll cycle by moving payments into real-time on the blockchain.
     - Stop living paycheck to paycheck.

    Stats such as:

    16% of payday borrowers took out an initial loan due to an emergency, while 69% of borrowers took out a payday loan to cover recurring loan due to an emergency, while 69% of borrowers took out a payday loan to cover recurring expenses such as rent and groceries.
  4. Other social media graphic content which promotes our publications:
     - Read our research paper
     - Read our White Paper

Infographics Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Use your discretion in graphic size after referencing other popular infographics on the internet.
  2. Content MUST be original and not reproduced or copied directly in any way from other existing infographics. Thanks for playing fair!
  3. Please add the logo to any graphic content submissions. See other branding guidelines at the end of this document. 

Content Suggestions

  1. Explain the Blockchain: Calling all blockchain geeks! If you had to explain the blockchain to someone who didn’t know what it was, how would you do it? Create an infographic explaining the technology as you understand it. 
  2. Explain WorkChain: Tell the world, in infographic format, how works. What are the steps involved? What problems do we solve? How will the working world change?

*Note: Please read over our branding guidelines!


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