Steps for Submitting a Bug

  1. Submit through GitHub
  2. Submit the URL for your GitHub
    After submitting your issue through GitHub please submit take the URL for the issue and submit it through the Bounty Dashboard:

After you have submitted your URL it will look like this:

Please allow up to 24hrs after it's been submitted for our team to review.

How to submit an issue we'll approve

Using the template provided in GitHub, please Include as much detail as possible:

  • Your environment (Browser, Operating System,etc)
  • Summary of Issues
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected behavior
  • Anything else we should know
  • Screenshots

How we classify Issues

  • Critical
    Security Vulnerability
     - Complete loss of core functionality.
  • Major
    Partial loss of functionality.
     - Loss of non-core functionality
  • Minor
    UI Issues
     - Issues requiring complex steps to reproduce (edge cases)
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