Brand Guide


Branding Guidelines - Video and Graphics Content

General Guidelines

  1. Please add the logo to any graphic content submissions.
  2. On the dark/contrast background always use the full white version of the logo.
  3. On a bright/light background, you can use three different color variations, concrete, accent Blue or black Coal, depending on the content. That’s up to you and your preference!
  4. Trimmed version of the logo can be used when there’s a need to showcase the brand in cases such as; diagrams, illustrations etc.
  5. We’re using outlined, single colored, material-like icons on all of our products. When creating illustrations or icons, make sure not to over-detail them. Keep it simple and always use ONE style throughout the graphic. You should be able to obtain a general feel of our style by looking at our new website and workID/workPAY pages and the app as well (after login).
  6. Suggestion for what you shouldn’t do: Don’t apply shadow directly on top of the icon, use glow/skeuomorphic effects, gradient/multiple colors on a single icon/graphic or use a mix of styles on the same graphic.
  7. We accept social media graphics in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook sizes (ideally all 3)! For infographics, please feel free to use your discretion and reference popular infographics for ideas.


  • On a dark/contract background, always use the white version of our logo
  • On a bright background, feel free to choose from amongst concrete, accent blue or black coal colored logos.


  • Main font: Source Sans Pro
  • To get a better feeling on our typography style, you should take a look at our new website & product pages for workID and workPAY

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