Dear Bounty Hunters -

This has been an exciting week for all of us at! 

The Bounty kick-off and the support of the community has exceeded all of our expectations and we’re excited for what’s ahead in both the ongoing bounty as well as for our core mission of bringing crypto to the world!

Automated bounties are complex to run to say the least, but we think it’s worth it (we hope you agree!). With the high volume and some changes in 3rd party services (namely Facebook), we struggled to keep up and get all tracking implemented before the completion of the first bounty period.

Our team has decided that the best thing to do is extend the bounty period for an additional week.

Weeks 1 & 2 will now be combined, which also means that the prize pool for this period is 2x as big!





Recommended to also view the updated sheet:

 - Bounty Period Overview
 - Bounty Point Overview**

**As we’ve worked through the changes in our 3rd party services, there is one activity which we won’t be able to track: “Facebook workID Sharing” will not count for points.


Spam, Bots and Cheating

Our goal is to run a fair bounty and we have no tolerance for spam or cheating. Unfortunately a number of bounty hunters have tried to game our system in different ways and our team is working around the clock to ensure that legitimate users don’t miss out on their rewards as a result of playing in an unfair game.

Things we’re doing to combat cheating:

  • Spam Content = Negative Points
    Any one that is caught submitting spam content will be negatively rewarded with points. If it continues, we’ll consider further action.

  • Fake User Referrals
    We’re very appreciative of the users that got in early and spread the word quickly into other channels and groups and as a result of seen a significant amount of user referral points (THANK YOU)!

    Since then we’ve also seen a number of users that are using bot techniques with clearly illegitimate users which is something that our team will quickly work to remove. We’ll be banning any and all offenders from the system so please don’t be surprised if you see fluctuations in the leaderboard as points and individuals are removed from our bounty program.

    Please keep in mind that no tokens are rewarded until the end of the campaign. So if don’t think can get away with cheating during an individual period. If we catch you afterward, you will still receive nothing at the end!

Thanks again everyone for your continued support. We’re working hard to put these things behind us and we expect smoother sailing in the periods ahead.

As always our team is available to support, and we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at

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