Dear bounty hunters,

As our first bounty period comes to a close, it's time to take a moment to celebrate what went right, reflect on what went wrong, and announce what changes we'll be making moving forward in our bounty.

First of all, many thanks to everyone that participated in this first bounty period. We blew past our initial projections and the excitement around the project has been really encouraging for our entire team. The support of the community was unwavering as we worked through technical issues as we attempted to scale up alongside the growth!

Period 1 in Numbers:

Total Participants: 46,000
Genuine User Referrals: 7,000
Content & Bug Bounty: 800 Submissions
Total Activities Logged: 150,587

Point Tracking

As we worked through scaling and some technical issues (largely related to changes in the terms of third party services) unfortunately we weren't able to complete the period tracking all activities that we had hoped.

  • Facebook -  Gave us the most difficulties as they've made so many things related to how applications can access their service in the wake of all the data scandals. Our team is close to cracking the nut! Points for many users have already started to roll in, and the remainder will completed--rest ass nothing will be lost!
  • Bitcointalk Forums - This one really threw us for a loop. The forum moderators closed our thread with no prior warning or explanation as to why. Since then we've gone back and forth with them and they're unwilling to re-open our thread as they say we've violated their rules. From what we can tell they've never dealt with an automated bounty campaign before and so while they feel that weekly 'campaign summaries' are not spam to host in their forums, having our workID <> forum profile connection is.

    Our team is continuing the dialog with them, and we still aim to find a way to better track user profile URL and signature campaigns.

Summary of Changes introduced in Period 1:

  • User Referrals - Many users thought they could game our point system by providing fake user referrals. 47,118 of them to be exact. Yikes! We've since removed all of those points as we toughened up our referral tracking system. This system is only going to continue to get smarter as the bounty progresses. Fake referrals will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned altogether.
  • Negative Scoring - While we appreciate all the creative and other work that individuals did to join our Content and Bug Bounties, unfortunately many users thought they could submit spam to our system in hopes of getting free points. We introduced negative point scoring to deter this.

Changes we're making moving forward:

  • Bounty Periods - Given how many unexpected changes we've seen that can arise during any given period, we're going to extend all bounty periods from one to two weeks in duration so that our team has more time to adapt and ensure the most accuracy in our point tracking.
  • Point to Token Distribution - We're blown away by the activity of so many of our users. Many of you went above and beyond to refer valid users or submit very high quality content (stuff that we'd be proud to show our moms)!

    To further incentivize users that go beyond the regular sharing/liking/tweeting, we're going to increase the bonus ramp for our top participants. Please stay tuned as we'll announce the new bonus very soon!

As always, please refer to our Bounty Spreadsheet to view:

 - Bounty Period Overview
 - Bounty Point Overview


Thanks again everyone for your continued support. We're excited to kick off the second bounty period and have several exciting announcements ahead on our regular product roadmap. 🚀

As always our team is available to support, and we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at

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